This week’s meeting

Written by Ella in Y6:
In Tuesday’s meeting, Years 3 & 4 made bird feeders to go in our nature area. We filled one with fat balls and one, which we made ourselves, with sunflower hearts.
Years 5 & 6 looked at catalogues for recycling bins for our school playground. We found some very nice ones and we can even get them in burgundy which is the colour of our school uniform!
After our meeting we put the bird feeders in the nature trail.







This week’s meeting

In today’s meeting we discussed ‘wear a hat’ day (Thursday 28th of March). On  the 27th March, we will be making our own hats to wear the next day. Our hats can be themed with any topic. We  also discussed bird feeders and how we are going to make them. Mrs Negrello showed us our Healthy Schools Certificate and it will soon go on display. Finally we all got an environmental review paper that our class had to fill out. This will help us see what we do well in school environmentally and what we need to improve.

This week’s meeting.

Report written by Ella- 6X school council rep:

In this week’s meeting, school council talked about red nose day, ‘wear a hat’ day and the school council blog. We were excited to see our blog for the first time!
For red nose day we are going to dress in red and possibly do the Harlem Shake!! On the 28th March, it is ‘wear a hat’ day and all the money we raise is going to the brain tumour research charity.
We are looking forward to seeing your red clothes and of course the Year 6 Harlem Shake!!