Eco Council

Eco Council were busy today making these lovely ‘helpful hands’ plates. They include important messages about things they’d like to change, which they wanted to share with the rest of the school. Not only do they look great, they also show that our children are thinking about how to make the world a better place.
Come and see them on display.




School Council

School Council discussed ideas for Comic Relief and Sports Relief today, which are coming up soon. They are going to ask their classes for ideas on how to raise money.

School & Eco Council boards

School and Eco Council reps have been busy putting everything together for their display boards, which are both in our Dining Hall. The boards give lots of information about the important jobs the two councils do around school, including raising awareness for our chosen charities for this year. They also tell us about visitors they’ve welcomed into school as well as some exciting and inspiring visits they’ve been on.
Come and take a look!


School Council – Safety.

School Council reps talked about keeping safe around school this week. They discussed the importance of having rules. They also talked about who we can turn to in school if we need support and how we can help each other. They’re now making posters to share these important thoughts with everyone else in school.